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 The following will help improve your body and lifestyle, start easy and take your time.  Never over workout - rest is just as important as your exercise and nutrition. 

Begin with 1 or 2 workouts every other day and see how your body feels.  Although the workouts are short, they are still intensive.

After a few weeks and depending on how you feel start to increase your workouts, but remember a 10 minute workout will still be highly beneficial.  Workout schedule example are below. But first...

1. Join the support group click here

2. Weight, measure (1.waist belly button 2. Hips widest part) and photo yourself from front, side and back (its optional to send them to me, but this is great to remind you why you're doing this. Do these the night before you start.

3. Its always optional to weigh yourself - with women your monthly cycle & hormones will have a huge effect on your weight - my advice is to weight once a month at the same time. If you weight yourself weekly only compare it to the same week the month before.  Weight is just a number and good to indicate if you are losing weight - how you feel and look is far more important...NEVER weight every day, this can have a negative effect on your hormones and weight loss.

4. Send me your results and/or post them to the support group.

5. For accountability screen shot the 10SION logo use as your social media profile or on Facebook. Letting people know you have stated will help you stay on course.

6. When posting anything use the hashtag #IAM10

7. To increase your results grab one of my meal plans or upgrade to the 6 or 12 month plans where you will get 1-2 months free and my meal plans.




Follow the nutrition and eating plan to the letter, if it says eat wholemeal bread (or gluten free) – eat wholemeal bread, not white bread, not the bread you always get, not a bagel…to get 100% results you need to put 100% into this!


The first 4 days of the 10 Day Plan are the most important, however from day 5 you have more flexibility and can use the food switch list (see end of the plan)


The more effort you put in at the start the easier it will become.


Please consult our HEALTH DISCLAIMER before you commence your plan.



Below are a few workout examples, please feel free to mix and match any workout you wish.  Do not just focus on your problem areas.  Working the whole body is a far faster way to burn fat.

Every other day workouts

Day 1: lower body or full body plus bum

Day 3: upper body or x2 abs & upper body

Day 5: abs & bum or full body & cardio

Day 7: full body or legs, bum & abs plus stretch

Everyday workouts

Day 1: abs & cardio

Day 2: legs & bum

Day 3: upper body

Day 4: abs & cardio

Day 5: full body

Day 6 & 7: rest days or PWR Stretch

You have so many workouts and such a variety there are 1000s of combinations to suit your lifestyle and goals.  Please post to he support group any workout routines you think other will enjoy.

Good luck and here if you need me David